Level Translation is the digital publishing arm of the Interpreters’ Cooperative of Madison. Its purpose is to bring books and other texts to audiences who would otherwise be unable to read them, or possibly even find them. So far, it has concentrated on translating Spanish into English.

Here are our current projects:

The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta’s Thought, by Joxe Azurmendi. Jose María Arizmendiarrieta was the guide and inspiration for the group of cooperatives in the town of Mondragon, in northern Spain. They were highly successful during his lifetime, and today (when seen as a single unit) are the largest worker co-op in the world. Arizmendiarrieta (often shortened to Arizmendi) published hundreds of articles, but never wrote a book. This work is not a biography, but a systematization of his thoughts on an extensive list of subjects. When finished, it will be far and away the longest book available in English about him.

The Worker Economy: Crisis and Self-Managment in the 21st Century, by Andrés Ruggeri (editor). Fifteen years ago, the recovered businesses of Buenos Aires become world-famous as a desperate but surprisingly stable response to Argentina’s economic crisis. Today, their numbers continue to grow, including beyond the borders of Argentina. This book is the first of two volumes that are a compilation of talks given at a meeting of recovered businesses from across the globe in 2013. The two books constitute the launch of an open-ended series of books on recovered and/or self-managed businesses.

Coming in summer 2016: The Worker Economy: Informal Work, the Solidarity Economy, and Self-Management.

Platform Cooperativism: our blog of original content. Here, we explore the idea of the platform cooperative, an term coined by Trebor Scholz and discussed by Michel Bauwens, Neal Gorenflo, Douglas Rushkoff, and many more.

Cooperativismo Plataforma: nuestro blog de contenido original. Aquí, exploramos la idea de la cooperativa plataforma, un término inventado por Trebor Scholz y discutido por Michel Bauwens, Neal Gorenflo, Douglas Rushkoff y muchos otros.